Just like your child(ren) grow over time, our fundraising efforts are expanding! The methods and resources for how people donate their time, talents, and dollars has evolved and we are responding. We partnered with the Benevity / Spark / Goodness team to make company matching, open-choice giving, and micro-donations possible and convenient so that your dollars speak for the cause(s) that matter(s) to you.

So who is Benevity? Here is a one minute video they produced to help answer that question. You may have heard of them at your workplace! Please note, you do not need audio...but the music is nice.

We are one of the 100,000 charities eligible for and already on the receiving end of volunteer hours and donations! Thank you very much for your support!

Do you work for one of these Fortune 1,000 companies? If so, you may be able to tell your employer that the Harriet Bishop community is the type of non-profit that is valuable to you. Check out the video below on why they are listening!

Currently, we are open to Direct Giving donations electronically. There are small fees associated with online transactions, therefore, we ask that all donations be over $0.35 to ensure covering these costs. :)

Our new site has the ability to host eCommerce, so we hope to use it to manage the silent auction, sell Hornet Hop tickets, and future fundraising efforts. 



Find us: 

14400 O'Connell Rd, Savage, MN 55378